When your builder has completed the work, it is your responsibility to check all of the works before the final payment is made. You can either pay for a professional person to carry out the check or if you feel confident enough, you can compile your own list of items you feel need improving or correcting. This list is often referred to as a Snagging List.

If the works have run smoothly and you have maintained a good working relationship with your builder, the Snagging List should be no more than a formality. If you are generally unhappy with the quality of the work, it may be advisable to seek some professional advice.

In the current climate of poor service and rogue traders, people are naturally paranoid about any service they receive. Most reputable and trust-worthy builders will have quoted a realistic and sensible figure for the work and will therefore not have had to cut corners, so please exercise some common sense when making the list. You are not a expert tradesman and you probably have no professional qualifications to be specific in your judgment of the quality of the work carried out. Take your time and have a good look around at all the work carried out. If the builder thinks that you may not look in a particular area he may cut corners there, so check thoroughly.

Conduct the checks when the builder is not present. This will prevent him from deflecting your attention from areas that may be sub-standard and also eases the pressure on you, ensuring that you are happy with the list you have compiled.

The general rule of thumb is that you only get what you pay for. If you have cut your builder down on the price, then he will have undoubtedly reduced his costs as well, either on materials or in the way in which he has carried out a certain aspect of the building.Honest Builder Home