By choosing a reputable builder, you should have no problems with payments as all work will be invoiced and warranties, etc will be in place upon completion of the job. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot the 'cowboys'.

Never pay money up front for work not yet completed. If your builder requires money for materials make sure that you have a valid materials invoice before paying for them.

Arrange a Payment Schedule with your builder, so that you only make payments when certain milestones have been reached. In most cases the builder will prefer this also as he will receive monies during the project rather than a lump sum at the end.

It is always advisable to pay a fair price and receive a valid invoice and warranty for the work being carried out.


Cash In Hand Payments


The moment you agree to pay a 'Cash In Hand' payment, you relinquish all legal rights to complain about the quality of the finished work.

'Cash in Hand' work is usually not being declared by the builder, who is therefore probably avoiding tax payments. As this practice is illegal, you should not partake in an agreement of this nature.

If you are only able to pay with cash, please remember to obtain a receipt to verify that you have paid the money. Your receipt will act as proof of payment and therefore preserve your rights. It is not however, a good idea to be walking around with large amounts of cash.

The government are proposing to lower the VAT on building works to 5% meaning that the price will naturally be lower, and you will be able to keep your contractual rights. Honest Builder Home